Cocktails with a Twist of Finch

When was the last time you sipped a cocktail and said, “Wow”? If that was quite a long time ago, you are only a sip away from Finch’s special cocktails to say that out loud.

Finch is one kind of restaurant that boasts a classic mixology menu in Bangkok.

Creating cocktails is a game of art and this game has fascinated us for long. So long that we have finally mastered the game by crafting cocktails and drinks that are sure to impress you.

If you want to enjoy an intimate & lovely evening with your loved ones, Finch has everything to make your evening the moment to remember for life.

We prepare each mixology with love that tells a story, a story that will rope you in till your last sip. Our well-qualified mixologists are trained in providing you with a unique experience through the drinks they prepare.

We guarantee you have never ever had a cocktail this good!

A Heavenly Mixology Culture



Each of our mixologies is a creation in itself that will make you go crazy with its exotic taste, and boozy nature maintaining a balance between sweet and sour, mixology culture is an abode of fun for you and your accomplice. our, bitter & spicy. Our exquisite venue immersed in 

Apart from the food and the best drinks in Bangkok, Finch offers you an opportunity to enjoy the greatest moments of your life in an enthralling environment.


Delicious Food, Drinks & Live Music in Bangkok

Have you ever experienced the best food, drinks and live music in Bangkok, under the same roof? If not, you are welcome at Finch. Besides our elite mixology menu, people also visit us to enjoy live music. Our artists will add a rhythm to your beautiful evening, making it memorable.

Finch has an experienced team of Thai & Indian chefs who prepare delicious buttery smooth aromatic food, professional mixologists who prepare authentic Finch cocktails and talented artists who entertain with the best live show. All this will guarantee you some relaxing hours away from the regular hustle-bustle of your life.

Finch & Its Mixology Menu

Whenever people visit a restaurant or a bar, they not only want to feast on the delectable food but also sip the best-flavoured drinks. On top of that, people look for a comfortable environment that’s loaded with warmth and served by welcoming staff. Finch knows this very well and goes a step ahead with hospitality. We will host you with the best mixology menu in Bangkok on the table. Each of our staff members, from chefs to waiters to mixologists, is highly qualified and will go the extra mile, not once, to bring a smile to your face.

If you fancy gourmet food, mixology drinks and live performances, Finch invites you to experience the ageless satisfaction that’s hard to find elsewhere. And, our mixology culture is the jewel in our crown.