Entry ticket B300 + one drink

Table Ticket: B6,000 / B8,000 / B10,000


The Jungle has taken over Finch Bangkok! unveiling a much-awaited event, lining up multiple top-notch DJ from around the glove to elevate Sukhumvit 11 entertainment scene like no other. This event of the year only held once a year and The Finch Bangkok are so happy to co-host and co-ordinate with this event.

Currently secret party is held twice a month in Koh Tao where more than 600 ravers from all over the world gather n the middle of the jungle of the beautiful island of Koh Tao for this occasion. Secret party has been held in cities like Tulum, Ibiza & Madrid.





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A Night of Bollywood Magic in Bangkok

Exploring Bangkok nightlife places ought to be on your wishlist on your visit. But if you are a music lover and like to eat while experiencing the live performances, Finch hosts an unforgettable Bollywood magic night that is filled with thrill, entertainment and joy. Such Bollywood events in Bangkok aren’t common, you have only a few places and Finch is one of them.

The live music enhances the look and feel of the restaurant. People love to enjoy Bollywood nights that they usually don’t come across in their daily life or while dining at a regular restaurant. There are many Indian and Thai restaurants in Bangkok but not all will promise you an elevated environment. Only a place that wants its customers to stick around and spend more quality time with family & peers promises a happening nightlife.

It is not that you won’t find live music in Bangkok elsewhere. You will but the Bollywood editions are just limited. Finch is a haven for culinary lovers and offers the best mixology culture to its guests. As soon as you step in, you will find your definition of the longevity of good times changing. The place is youth-centric and offers a lively and electrified environment for music lovers.

Finch is famously known for the combination of warm, unfussy locale, appetising food, unique cocktails and Bollywood music that will push in the classic nostalgia. Finch also boasts a successful bar chain that is located on Soi 11. If you are a regular partygoer you would like the bar area that includes the best mixology drinks prepared by some of the renowned mixologists in Bangkok.

Finch hosts the best Bollywood events in Bangkok that include live singing and dance performances from well-known artists. The place welcomes you in a warm and cosy environment that makes it an ideal choice for brunch and dinner nights. If you want to break free from your daily workload or the usual life you can expect an exhilarated environment at the best Bangkok restaurant.

If you are in Bangkok and want to uplift your mood, the Finch is the perfect choice that you shouldn’t miss at any cost. The nightlife in Bangkok is elevated in itself, you will find the best offerings of the town at every corner of it. But if you wish to feast on the best culinary dishes that are authentic and force you to remember the taste for long you need a place that has a class.

Finch is loaded with LED lights that fall all around the space where you will sit with your family to eat and experience the best live music in Bangkok. The wonderful illustrations on the walls coupled with the best modern rhythms of Bangkok will add a dash of rejoicing to your mood. It’s hard to find a cosy place in Bangkok because the city has a vibe that is stirred up every moment of time. A restaurant like Finch is among one those places that have everything for partygoers and people who love a calm and serene environment.