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Finch Restaurant- Best Places to Drink in Bangkok

If you are on the lookout for the best places to drink in Bangkok, trust Finch with your eyes closed!

Because it isn’t only a bar, it has more to it.

A bar usually serves drinks that you get almost everywhere. However, Finch boasts a mixology culture to allow you to enjoy the bizarre alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks you won’t find anywhere else.

Finch is a place where you hang out with your friends to sip on the best cocktails and mocktails with some light enchanting music. It’s a place where you leave your usual routine life behind. The social atmosphere at a bar is what you pay for apart from the drinks.

Finch is a perfect place for drink lovers who love the mixology culture and want to dive deep into the exotic flavourful mixology drinks. We are among the best bars in Bangkok and have stock of eccentric drinks that aren’t easily available at other bars in the town. If you are in Bangkok and craving the best drinks, we welcome you to mark your presence at the table.

Finch is a fine-dine restaurant that serves the best Indian and Thai food along with a serene environment that feels calm to the senses. Here, you got to experience live music performances by renowned artists to make your night even more attractive enjoyable. You would be glad to come across some of the sweetest managers, chefs, waiters and supporting staff at Finch. We know that you need an atmosphere to be at ease and want to have an enjoyable surrounding and that’s exactly we have.

Finch has different sections for bars that won’t make you feel uneasy among the other non-drinker guests around. Finch really has an enormous collection of drinks and cocktails that will give you a bucket-full of options to choose from.

Why Finch is the Best Choice?

If you have been looking for the best places to drink in Bangkok, you might find plenty of them at Soi 11 but no place is as good as Finch. It is because we believe in offering a memorable experience to our guests through inch-perfect combination of food, drinks and live music performances. We do not only focus on the taste and authenticity of drinks but ensure to meet specific needs of people who visit us either for the first time or very often.

Finch has a team of well-trained and qualified mixologists who are versed in preparing different sorts of drinks that even skilled bartenders can’t make. If you want to have the best evening accompanied by the best cocktails and delicious food, Finch is an exquisite place to be at. So, what are you waiting for? Book your table with us today!

We would love to serve you!