Our Story
The Finch is opening it's first Bangkok branch, on Soi 11 The successful Indian bar chain has developed a reputation for its live performances, alcoholic drinks and great food. Thailand's first branch is set to soft launch March 16th, featuring live music and DJs every night.
Sociable yet intimate, The Finch represents the ‘longevity of good times’. Formulated as a brand to bridge the gap between young, vicenarian, and tricenarian partygoers, the place carries a youth-centric and modern vibe with classic nostalgia that brings out a surreal euphoria in hearts.
Elegant and charming, The Finch is an embrace you receive on arriving at your favourite person's home. The place welcomes you in a way that feels like 'It's my kind of place' where you can escape into a warm, unfussy conversational environment that encourages you to be your uninhibited best. At The Finch, we believe, every day must be lived and maximised to its fullest. Entering the Finch itself, you experience an awakening of the senses with the entertainment on offer, convivial services, and a subtle uniqueness with every interaction of food, drinks, and music.
When great music, exceptional food, imaginative craft beer, and warm conversations fill the air in ‘lushorious’ and intimate surroundings, it all amalgamates into 'entertaining the senses' and simply uplifts the spirits. Lively, 'feel good' moments, where one can break free from mundane routine envelop The Finch as it fulfils the appetite for great live music, an extensive mixology experience , premium beverages, and international food. With live performances from local as well as internationally acclaimed bands, the place provides the perfect musical and conversational atmosphere.


The Finch Bangkok offers premium quality of Sound System and Back Line along with a series of Theatrical Light-emitting diode enhancing the atmospheric beat of sounds for our beloved Musicians and Guests.

Finch offers diverse music genres to its listeners which is bought by Talented Musicians across the country and globe. 


Previous - Songwriters

With so many gigs around we have our favourites and great musicians  who perform regularly